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PassionProfit is an entrepreneurship development organization and our programs are all designed to foster sustainable growth and peak performance from inception to managing to growth. Our programs are designed to help the entrepreneur create, manage and grow a successful world class organization. The programs include: Business Skills training for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs

  • Linkages to finance and markets through our strategic partners
  • One on One coaching and consulting by various industry experts
  • Talks for investment groups, business clubs and events focused on business growth.
  • The Profit Network – business mentoring network for business owners

Equipping aspiring and existing business owners with skills and tools to create, manage and grow successful world class organizations. Helping individuals and communities to create sustainable jobs and eradicate unemployment and entitlement mentality.

Business Success Blueprint Boot Camp

  • For those who want all the details upfront before they start, this is the course for them.  In 2 days you will acquire the fundamentals to develop a successful business model. At the end of the 2 days, participants leave with a road map and continue with a one on one mentoring to guide them at their own pace.  This course is ideal for start ups who are 0-3 years old. Class is held every 3rd Thursday and Friday of the month at our offices.

Speak for Profit Boot Camp

  • Do you enjoying public speaking? Are you always called to speak, facilitate or teach a group and you are tired of doing it for free?  This is the class for you. We help you package your speaking dream into a compelling story and equip you with all the skills to launch a successful speaking business. In a 1and 1/2day boot camp designed to build your content and confidence, participants leave this class with a road map to start a successful speaking business and continue to get mentoring sessions at their own pace for 12 months. Class is held every 2nd Thursday and Friday of the month at our offices.

Existing Business Owners

Together with our Strategic Alliances we work with enterprises who struggle with the complexities of translating strategy into results and who need practical and effective tools and techniques to help them grow sustainably.

  • Entrepreneurial Flight – This is a model of how a company and the entrepreneur moves to sustainability. We help you evaluate where you, what your challenges are as an entrepreneur and as an enterprise and you can expect in the next phase.  Then we use profiles and evaluation tools to draw up a Flight Plant that will accelerate your growth.
  • Business Destination Map – This is developed through an intensive 2 day workshop, where we ask questions, debate answers and draw a picture in real time.  SEEING your vision, your next steps and your progress is far more effective than reading about it.
  • Process Mapping –  “If you cant describe what you doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.” W. E. Deming  The process map is an image rich storyboard that defines and unpacks the detail of process.  It helps you determine who needs to do what, when and how.

The Profit Network is a business mentoring network that mentors small and medium sized businesses to optimize their potential.

Business Mentoring – Our Approach

Many small business owners try to get information from business books and classes. While these can be helpful on their own, they are more helpful alongside business mentoring. At the Profit Network, a business mentoring relationship, is made up of a seasoned industry expert meeting with a new or potential business owner one-on-one to give advice and boost morale. The first step is to attend the SME clinic where your problem can be diagnosed and then you are referred to an appropriate industry expert.  The duration of the relationship will depend on the problem diagnosed. We recommend you book and make an appointment so that you are not kept waiting.

Benefits of Business Mentoring

  1. Relevant Business Advice – As a business owner, sometimes you are not sure where to get advice that will be spot on for your problem.  Our Industry Experts are knowledgeable and experienced with the dynamic business landscape hence are able to provide you with the timely advice you are looking for.
  2. Fresh Perspective – Sometimes entrepreneurs are wrapped up in their ideas, products and services causing them not to see things the way a customer, investor or government official would look at it.  A business mentor helps bring a fresh perspective that you may not have thought of before.
  3. Business Skills – A business mentor will help you develop the skills necessary to run your business successfully like communicating with your employees or leadership skills.  This enables you run your business better.
  4. Venting – When you were employed, you were able to vent with other employees about the boss. But now you are the boss, who do you vent to? The business mentor.  Venting is healthy, its a sign that you are aware something is not working but frustrated at the lack of solution.  A business mentor will hear you out in a safe environment and provide a solution or you will co -create one.
  5. Access to Networks – Because our business mentors have been in business for many years and are avid networkers, they are able to grant you access to networks that could be beneficial to growing your business.
  6. Methods and Strategies – Sometimes you read a book and wonder how you can apply the information to your business. You even wonder if it will align with your organizational culture.  A business mentor is able to help you tweak such information to be suitable for your needs.
  7. Confidence – As a business owner with many people looking up to you and expecting so much from you, sometimes there is no one who affirms you causing you to second guess yourself.  Your business mentor will be able to affirm you which will reinforce your confidence boosting your self esteem and self worth.
  8. Peer to Peer Mentoring – Through the networking activities of The Profit Network you will be able to meet other business people, share your wisdom, glean some wisdom from them and together scale to higher heights.


What I need is someone who will make me do what I can. — Ralph Waldo Emerson Most people can do awe inspiring things, sometimes they just need a little nudge. — Tim Ferriss At the Profit Network we understand that the business owner is a unique individual who requires flexible options to be able to optimize his or her potential.  For this reason we give you options.

  1. Weekly Mastermind Meetings – This is a weekly 90 minute business meeting where you meet with other 25-45 business people for the purpose of sharing your wins, challenges, ideas & suggestions and generating referrals.  The group is referred to as a “mastermind”. There are 4 time options to choose from and meetings happen in various places in the city.
  2. Monthly Mentoring Forum– Every month, all the mastermind groups have an opportunity to come together for a training event.  At this event members are able to meet members from other chapters, exhibit their products or services, share best practices and highlights of their experiences. Every month there is a different speaker to enlighten the members on a business topic.
  3. SME Clinic – The clinic is held once a week and is designed to deliver business solutions tailor made to each entrepreneur’s unique needs. Very similar to the a regular medical clinic you meet a general consultant who listens to your issue then refers you to an Industry expert.  Sometimes you can get a solution from the general consultant. Attending the clinic helps you better understand your needs and match them to an appropriate program




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